How Long Does the Other Side Have to Respond to a Proposed Settlement Offer?

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The words "responses to settlement proposals on a white background with a blue border.If you make a settlement offer, you may wonder how long your ex has to respond to your proposal.

Most people want to resolve most of the outstanding issues in your case by negotiating with your spouse and reaching agreements.  Sometimes you will reach agreements on handling a problem that arises while your divorce is pending. In other cases, you will reach a settlement agreement that resolves all of the issues in your case.

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How Do Negotiations Happen?

All negotiations may be between your two lawyers.  In addition, it’s possible you may reach agreements with your spouse in discussions just between the two of you.  There are also negotiation strategies where clients and lawyers meet to discuss settlement.

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What Do Settlement Agreements Cover?

Sometimes, things happen that need to be taken care of while your divorce is pending.  These are called “pendente lite” or “PL” issues.   Often it’s preferable to try to negotiate a resolution to these issues sooner rather than later.  In other cases, at the end of your case, you may reach a settlement agreement that resolves everything at once.

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Who Is In Charge of Divorce Settlement Decisions?

Clients make settlement decisions.  In fact, under Rule 1.2 of Connecticut Lawyers’ Rules for Professional Conduct, “[a] lawyer shall abide by a client’s decision whether to settle a matter.”

Attorneys provide clients with information and advice to help them make settlement decisions.  Lawyers also offer negotiation strategies.

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How Much Time Does My Ex Have to Respond to a Settlement Proposal?

Attorneys must promptly communicate all settlement offers to their clients.  The decision of whether to accept, counter, or reject a settlement offer belongs to the client alone.  Lawyers cannot ethically make settlement decisions on behalf of their clients without the client’s consent.  No court rule dictates explicitly how long the other side has to respond to a settlement proposal.  That said, some settlement proposals may contain a deadline.

Are There Strategies to Encourage a Response to a Settlement Offer?

Yes.  This is important to discuss with your attorney.

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