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Reagan Ray

Reagan Ray, Directer of Client Services

Reagan Ray

Reagan Ray always knew she wanted to help people, and she started her journey in the nursing world. After five years in the industry, and in her last semester of nursing school, Reagan had an epiphany on how she wanted to interact with and help people. She got a second degree, aimed for the business world, and hasn’t stopped since.

Helping people has remained the common thread through Reagan’s career, and she joined the team at Freed Marcroft Law Firm, because she knows first-hand the roadblocks and difficulties life can bring.  As a teenager growing up near Oklahoma City, her own parents divorced, opening her eyes to how important it is to have someone in your corner, and a strong support system.


The founder of "Free Mom Hugs" officiated at Reagan's wedding - and because of her viral post, Reagan and her wife were featured on the Today Show, Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, and the NY Times!

As an adult, and as part of the LGBTQ community, Reagan came to appreciate that support system, and determined to be just that - for other families and people in need.

Reagan and her wife love to travel in their full-time RV home, with their two pups, Waffles, and Clark.. who is hearing impaired and understands sign language! She and her family enjoy being mobile, seeing the country, and being a part of local life everywhere they go.


The comfort zone is where dreams die.

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