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Are Connecticut Courts Still Open During COVID-19?

While we all try to keep ourselves healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic, people with divorce and family law issues have an additional question: are Connecticut Courts still open during COVID-19 self-quarantine? Short answer from the Judicial Branch: "the courts of the State of Connecticut are open and will remain open." But in order to ensure the safety of the public, judges, court staff, attorneys, Read More

What Divorced (and Divorcing) Couples Need to Know About Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Many people are wondering how the stimulus checks from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”) will affect their family law case. Freed Marcroft is committed to providing resources about COVID-19 and how it impacts divorce and family law matters in Connecticut. Please read on to learn more about how the CARES Act stimulus checks will be handled in your divorce. Will I receive a Read More

Are Divorce Records Public in Connecticut?

For many people, privacy -- for themself, their spouse, and their children -- is a priority during and following a divorce.  It's normal to wonder whether divorce is a matter of public record in Connecticut. The short answer is yes, divorce filings are public record.  But that's not the whole story.  There are ways to keep your divorce much more private. Read on to learn more about What divorce records are Read More

How Do I Protect My Privacy During a Divorce?

In our article "Are Divorce Records Public in Connecticut?" we learned that generally speaking, divorce filings and documents are public record.  For many people, privacy -- for them, their spouse, and their children -- is a priority during and following a divorce. So, let's talk about some of the ways to keep your divorce much more private. Consider a Prenup for Privacy While this step won’t help if you are Read More

Let’s Talk About Nicole, Charlie, and Nora

Since mid-December, every family law attorney in the country has shared the same two clients – Nicole and Charlie. The protagonists of Netflix’ huge critical and commercial success, Marriage Story. Everyone asks about it. Before I can even answer “Did you see it?” the same four questions inevitably follow in rapid succession: “Is it accurate?” “Did it feel real?” “Are you Alan Alda, Laura Dern, or Ray Liotta?” Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Pretrial and a Trial in a Connecticut Divorce?

We were recently asked what the difference is between a pretrial and a trial in the context of a Connecticut divorce.  It's a reasonable question.  Even if you are well-versed in your prefixes thanks to English or Latin class in school -- the fact that a "pre"-trial happens "before" the trial is hardly the whole story -- or enough information.  Read on to learn how pretrials differ from trials in Connecticut Read More

What is a Pretrial in a Connecticut Divorce?

There are all sorts of terms of art that get thrown around during Connecticut divorces.  At Freed Marcroft, we want you to understand what is happening in your divorce — including what different terminology applies.  Today, we will answer one common question, "What is a 'Pretrial' in a Connecticut Divorce?" What is a Pretrial in a Connecticut Divorce? "Pretrial" is shorthand for "pretrial conference."  A pretrial Read More

A Lesson from Grocery Store Music

Grocery store music is always there but - at least for me - seldom heard. It’s pretty much a stream of cast-off one-hit wonders and the most you notice about them is the occasional “wow, the Night Chicago Died was once a thing . . . ” Usually. Not the case the other morning while I was strolling through the dairy section. I picked up this lyric: But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well. You see, ya Read More

Are There Advantages to Filing First for Divorce in Connecticut?

We are often asked whether there are any advantages to filing first for divorce in Connecticut.  Like so many things in divorce, it really depends on your individual goals -- that's exactly why the Goals & Planning Conference is our first step at Freed Marcroft. After all, what use is a legal strategy if it's not the right strategy for you? After your Goals & Planning Conference, when to file for Read More

What is a “No Fault” Divorce in Connecticut?

We are often asked "What is a "no fault" divorce in Connecticut?"  Connecticut has both "no fault" and "for fault" divorces. To learn more, please read on! Connecticut Divorce Grounds Connecticut has both "no fault" and "for fault" divorce.  Section 46b-40 of the Connecticut General Statutes lays out both the "no fault" and "for fault" grounds for divorce.  If you would like more information on all the available Read More