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What Factors Are Considered When Determining Alimony in a Connecticut Divorce?

What Factors Do Judges Consider When Deciding Whether to Award Alimony in Connecticut Divorces? The Connecticut alimony statute lists the factors to be considered by the court when determining alimony in a divorce.  These factors inform a judge's decision as to (1) whether there will be alimony, and, if so, (2) how much, and (3) for how long.  These factors are considered in no fault divorces as well as for fault Read More

What are the Grounds for Divorce in Connecticut?

Once you have decided to divorce, you may find yourself wondering what the legal grounds are for divorce in Connecticut.  To learn more, please read on! Connecticut Divorce Grounds Connecticut has both "no fault" and "for fault" divorce.  Read on to learn more about the grounds for both "no fault" and "for fault" divorce.  Section 46b-40 of the Connecticut General Statutes lays out both the "no fault" and "for Read More

What Is a QDRO (“Qua-dro”)?

One of the legal terms that judges and divorce lawyers tend to throw around is QRDO.  But what is a QDRO? What Does QDRO stand for? It's an acronym for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. How do you Pronounce QDRO? In Connecticut, we tend to pronounce the acronym like it's a word -- "quadro" -- rather than listing the letters -- "Q-D-R-O." What Does a QDRO do? There are all sorts of federal rules and Read More

Complex Employment Benefits in Connecticut Divorces: Stock Options, Restricted Stock, and Severance

You may be wondering how complex employment benefits like stock options, restricted stock, and severance are handled in Connecticut divorces.  Many people receive benefits beyond their salary, paid time off, and medical benefits.  Defined contribution benefits like 401(k)s or defined benefit plans like pensions through their employers are quite common, especially with people who work at large companies and Read More

How Are Pensions Valued in Connecticut Divorces?

In divorces where a pension is one of the assets, a common question is "how are pensions valued in Connecticut divorces?" Retirement accounts are one of the major property types that Connecticut divorce courts divide. Even though very few companies still provide a traditional defined benefit pension to employees, pensions remain a common type of "defined benefit" retirement plan.  This is because virtually all city, Read More

What Types of Employer Retirement Accounts Are Divided in Connecticut Divorces?

You're wondering what types of employer retirement accounts can be divided during a Connecticut divorce, and we are happy to explain.  Retirement accounts are one of the major property types that Connecticut divorce courts divide. Remember, the most common misconception out there is that property gets divided 50/50 in Connecticut.  In fact, there is no default that property must be divided 50/50. Connecticut is Read More

How Are Retirement Plans Divided in Connecticut Divorces?

You're wondering how retirement plans are divided during Connecticut divorces.  We're here to help, so please read on. Retirement accounts are one of the major property types that Connecticut courts divide during a divorce. If you boil it way down, Connecticut courts help divorcing couples determine three main things in a divorce: How and whether money will flow (think alimony and child support) How Read More

Pensions and Emotions in Connecticut Divorces

Lots of emotions about pensions come into play in Connecticut divorces. Frankly, there is a lot of emotion involved in dividing up all types of assets in a divorce, but retirement plans are particularly emotional for some people.  For example, if you were the spouse who earned the pension through your employer, your value and self-worth may be involved in your feelings about your pension.  If you are the spouse Read More

Divorce in Connecticut – Who Gets What?

So, you're wondering who gets what in a Connecticut divorce. If you boil it down, Connecticut divorce courts help couples decide three main things in a divorce. How and whether money will flow (think alimony and child support). How parenting will work. How property will be divided. Today we will talk about how property is divided in Connecticut -- or "who gets what" in the divorce. Who Gets What in Read More

What is Separate Property vs Marital Property in a Connecticut Divorce?

Wondering what is "separate" versus "marital" property in a Connecticut divorce?  Surprise!  There technically is no separate property or marital property in Connecticut.   Read on to learn why -- and what we have in Connecticut instead. Why Isn't There Separate Property or Marital Property in Connecticut Divorces? Connecticut is an "equitable distribution" and an "all property" state.  Separate property and Read More