Termination of Parental Rights

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In a Connecticut Termination of Parental Rights, the legal relationship between a minor child and one or both parents is completely severed by the court.  If the rights of only one parent are terminated, the remaining parent becomes the sole legal parent of the minor, unless and until the child is adopted by a second…

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What is a Stepparent Adoption?

What is a Stepparent Adoption? | Connecticut Family Law | 860-530-4346

Stepparents have the opportunity to play a critical and loving part in their stepchildren’s lives.  In some circumstances, they even adopt their stepchildren via “stepparent adoption.” To learn more about what is a stepparent adoption, read on. What’s the Impact of an Adoption? In terms of the legal system, the impact of adoption is that…

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How Do You Establish Paternity?

How to Establish Paternity in Connecticut? | Call 860-530-4251

Sometimes parents wonder how to establish paternity.  The answer depends on your particular situation — for example, whether you are married or unmarried. Read on to learn more. Unmarried Parents and Paternity For unmarried parents, there are two routes to establishing paternity and naming a father on a birth certificate.  If the parents do not…

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President Trump, Stress, Same Sex Parents, and How We Can Help

The average number of calls we received from same sex parents asking about adopting their children tripled last week.  Sadly we weren’t really surprised — the general political climate combined with last week’s news of the separation of parents from their children at the borders and the announcement of  Justice Kennedy’s retirement has made many of us upset…

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[Webinar] “CT Same-Sex Couples & Stepparent Adoption: Your Name on the Birth Certificate is Not Enough”


On Thursday, November 17th at 5:30 PM, Freed Marcroft Attorneys Meghan Freed and Carla Zahner will host a complimentary webinar on stepparent adoption in Connecticut. The recent presidential election has highlighted the importance of adopting children of parents of the same sex.  This webinar will provide clarity on the current status of children who are biologically related…

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Post-Election Stress and Adoption

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Yesterday morning, following President-Elect Trump’s win, I met with a young married couple about a step-parent adoption. They were two women, and the meeting opened with tears. It was heartbreaking. Adoption consultations are usually some of our most joyous — a happy couple, either planning for or expecting a child.  Yesterday, though, was the morning after…

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Why, After the Supreme Court Marriage Ruling, Same Sex Spouses Should Still Adopt Their Non-Biological Children

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It has been less than one week since the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision holding that the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution requires states to license marriages between two people of the same sex and to recognize lawful out-of-state marriages between two people of the same sex. Love won. Very understandably, we have already received multiple questions regarding…

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