President Trump, Stress, Same Sex Parents, and How We Can Help

  •   |   Meghan Freed

The average number of calls we received from same sex parents asking about adopting their children tripled last week. Sadly we weren’t really surprised — the general political climate combined with last week’s news of the separation of parents from their children at the borders and the announcement of  Justice Kennedy’s retirement has made many of us upset and anxious. We are especially mindful that many same sex couples are experiencing additional personal stress because, on top of everything else, they are concerned with their rights with respect to their children.

I have written before about why  — even after the 2016 Supreme Court decision making marriage equality the law of the whole land — you should adopt if you parent a child to whom you are not biologically related. An adoption legally memorializes what you and your spouse or partner always intended — that you both have the same parental rights to your child.

The world is upsetting right now, and —  when you are concerned about how things may more immediately impact your own family — the stress can feel overwhelming. At Freed Marcroft, we have intentionally designed our adoption process to make things as smooth as possible for you and your family.

A 2017 law change in Connecticut helped us take some additional stress off of our adoption clients. It used to be the case that only married co-parents were eligible to move the court to waive Connecticut’s default requirement that there be a home study in all adoptions. Now, unmarried parents are also eligible.

Adoption is the smart thing to do. And, if like many people, you are frightened by President Trump’s policies and the shifting Supreme Court, adopting might also give you peace of mind. Our team here at Freed Marcroft would be honored to assist in guiding your family through this process in a way that clarifies your rights, reduces your anxiety, and is as easy for you as possible.


Freed Marcroft guides select clients through the legal aspects of adoption while remaining mindful of their overall wellness.

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