What Does Pendente Lite Mean?

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A lot of legal terms of art get through around during divorce. One of the most common terms in divorces is “pendente lite.” The divorce attorneys at Freed Marcroft are committed to making sure that you understand common legal terms. Only then can make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Pendente Lite Definition

Pendente lite is a Latin term meaning “awaiting the litigation” or “pending the litigation.” It applies to court orders in effect while a divorce is pending.

Pendente Lite Examples

Divorcing spouses can ask the court to order multiple things to go into effect while the divorce is pending. For example, there might be a temporary parenting plan while the divorce is pending.  Or, there could be pendente lite child support or alimony.

The Automatic Orders

The Automatic Orders are a series of orders that go into effect — ahem, automatically– at the beginning of a divorce. The purpose of the Automatic Orders is to maintain the status quo with regard to the spouses’ finances, property, and children while the divorce is pending. Essentially, as soon as there is a divorce, there are automatically a series of pendente lite orders that go into effect.

Sometimes a spouse violates the Automatic Orders. If this happens, you need to affirmatively bring it to the court’s attention, usually by filing a Motion for Contempt of the Automatic Orders.

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