Deciding to end your marriage and file for divorce can be both challenging and liberating. But at what point should you seek help from a legal professional? It often makes sense to contact a divorce lawyer in Connecticut before you tell your spouse or even before you make a final decision. At Freed Marcroft, we can explain how this may benefit you.

Why Should Someone Contact an Attorney for a Divorce?

We talk to people considering divorce, as well as many others looking for our help to fix something that happened — or didn’t happen — when they initially negotiated their divorce. Those types of cases can illustrate the benefits of involving a lawyer from the beginning. In many instances, people may have avoided the obstacles they now face had we guided them through their divorce itself.

The Best Time To Contact a Lawyer

You should reach out to an attorney in Connecticut as soon as you consider divorce. We meet with people all the time who haven’t yet decided whether to end their marriage, which is smart. Our team will help you put a plan in place so it’s there for you if and when you decide to proceed with the divorce.

Depending on your situation and goals, we can get you set up before you move forward. For example, together, we may organize all your required financial documents, plan when, where, and how to tell your spouse that you’re filing for divorce, and consider new living arrangements.

Avoiding Getting Sidetracked

While we can certainly share with you a general sense of how parenting, alimony, child support, and property division work, remember that Connecticut divorce laws shouldn’t be your primary concern at the beginning. You first need to decide whether you want to stay married. Property division or alimony laws aren’t a reason to stay married. Your first priority is deciding what you want for your life.

Don’t get stuck in a cycle of “paralysis by over-analysis.” Some people spend a lot of time researching Connecticut divorce statutes and maybe even meeting with multiple attorneys, but all that activity is often a distraction from making the critical decision that only they can make – whether you want to end your marriage.

Our advice to potential clients is not to get sidetracked by the legal specifics. Our legal team knows the laws, and we can work on the strategy together once you have decided that ending your marriage is the best thing for you.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Connecticut To Begin Laying Out a Strategy

Contacting a divorce lawyer in Connecticut is the important first step towards finding a partner who will be both your counselor and advocate as you navigate your divorce. Because we practice throughout all of Connecticut’s courthouses, we are familiar with many family law judges and know how they tend to view cases. In addition, judges can rotate through the courthouses in the state, so even though a judge may be new to a specific courthouse, our lawyers may know them from when they were in a different location. This puts us at an advantage with your divorce.

Let us handle the specifics of the law. Your main priority is deciding if you wish to end your marriage. When you’re ready to take the next step, call Freed Marcroft so we can begin constructing a strategy that positions you for the best possible outcome.

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