Does Connecticut Have Lifetime Alimony?

  •   |   Meghan Freed

Many people wonder whether it is possible to receive lifetime alimony in Connecticut.  It is.

Lifetime alimony, often called “open ended” alimony, is alimony that a court orders while a divorce is pending.

Read on to learn more does Connecticut have lifetime alimony?

Alimony Timeframes

There are three types of alimony timeframes in Connecticut:

  • Temporary or Pendente Lite Alimony
  • Rehabilitative or Time Limited Alimony
  • Lifetime or Open Ended Alimony

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Lifetime Alimony Criteria

When deciding whether to award lifetime alimony, Connecticut courts use the same factors as they do when awarding alimony in the final divorce order.  They only exception is that courts do not consider the grounds for the divorce.

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Open Ended or Lifetime Alimony

Lifetime alimony does still exist in Connecticut, although it is becoming less common.  In fact, as of 2013, courts must specify their reasons when awarding open ended alimony.

As to under what circumstances courts do award it, the key is to remember that although there are factors for alimony awards, both divorce itself and alimony specifically are equitable in nature.   The court has abundant discretion with respect to whether and how it awards alimony.

Very generally speaking, judges tend to award lifetime alimony more often in cases with a long marriage, one spouse worked outside the home, and the other spouse did not.  It’s also possible that a spouse’s disability might play a part in persuading a judge that a lifetime award is appropriate.

The Comprehensive Connecticut Alimony Guide

Alimony is one of the most important issues in divorces.  And, it’s one of the most confusing.  There are no set formulas or rules on (1) whether there will be alimony, and, if so, (2) how it’s calculated or (3) how long it will last.  The good news is that this means there is tremendous flexibility to craft an individualized approach.  In order to prepare to make solid and informed decisions, you need to understand how alimony works. Our Comprehensive Connecticut Alimony Guide tells you everything you need to know about alimony in Connecticut.

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