Sometimes, you must go back to the divorce court to enforce, clarify, or change aspects of your divorce agreement. A divorce attorney can help by drafting modifications, presenting your side in front of the judge, and in general counseling you to make the right decisions.

A Westport post-judgment divorce lawyer keeps your best interests in mind and protects your legal rights. Whether you want to change a parenting plan that isn’t working, or ask the divorce court to enforce alimony or child support payments, Freed Marcroft can help you reframe your divorce agreements in a beneficial way.

Legal Issues That Come Up After Divorce

People’s lives continue to change even after they finalize a divorce agreement. Either spouse may experience new circumstances, such as:

  • A change in income, which affects the amount of child support or alimony you pay or receive
  • Wanting to moving to a new city, which would require a modification of the existing parenting plan
  • One parent refusing to pay child support or follow the terms of the parenting plan

If you’re experiencing these issues or something similar, you’ll want to meet with an experienced post-judgement divorce lawyer in Westport to help you understand your options and make a plan. For example, sometimes we can negotiate on your behalf and resolve issues before filing with the court. Some agreements need to be submitted to the court in order to become a binding court order, but you still avoid the time and expense of full-on litigation. In other cases, workable settlements aren’t possible and you’ll need to go back to divorce court to resolve them.

For example, maybe you may need to petition the court to force your ex to continue paying child support as required by the agreement. A post-judgment divorce lawyer in Westport knows how to advise you, and position your request for modification and push for the changes in the manner most likely to be successful.

Do I Need a Divorce Court To Resolve My Post-Divorce Issue?

You and your ex can negotiate rather than litigate your post-judgment legal issues. Even when you reach an agreement, it’s often necessary to go back to divorce court just to formalize the changes. Making these changes a legally enforceable court order now can help you avoid miscommunication and potential legal problems later.

Some divorce orders require you to try mediation to resolve your post-judgement issues before bringing them to the judge. In mediation, you and your ex talk to a neutral third party about your situation. The mediator reviews the existing agreements and learns your preferred solutions. When possible, the mediator finds something that works for you and your ex so that you can presents it to the divorce court for approval.

A collaborative divorce could give you and your ex more control over modifications and allow you to work together on a solution. Former spouses working together can be both an empowering and efficient way to resolve conflicts. Our Westport divorce modification lawyer can talk to you about whether mediation, collaboration, or litigation is your best strategy.

Call a Westport Post-Judgment Divorce Attorney for Help

Even after you sign the papers, you and your ex must sometimes revisit the terms of your divorce agreement. You may need to change that document to keep everything running smoothly, or you maybe need to have the divorce court enforce that document to ensure you both abide by what you agreed to.

A Westport post-judgment divorce lawyer from Freed Marcroft is an indispensable asset for anyone who wants to solve a post-judgment conflict. Our attorneys have hands-on knowledge of family law and have helped many clients find amicable solutions to their problems. To find out the likely outcomes, contact us today.

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