Spouses who can negotiate outside of court can divorce through mediation, uncontested divorce, and collaborative divorce. When either spouse refuses to agree, a judge will often decide the relevant issues.

A West Hartford divorce litigation lawyer can represent you throughout divorce negotiations and at trial. Our experienced divorce attorneys will apply their deep advocacy skills to litigate for the most advantageous outcome.

Court Intervention for High-Conflict Divorces

When one or both spouses refuse to compromise or communicate, have ill will they don’t move past, or choose to fight, that tends to be a “high-conflict” divorce that requires active litigation. Our West Hartford lawyers enter divorce litigation with a calm head and a long-term strategy to advocate for the best outcome, often using expert testimony and your most powerful evidence.

When there’s a reasonable suspicion that your partner is hiding assets or is a danger to your children, we advocate for an equitable decree and a safe parenting plan.

Low-Conflict Divorces

Divorcing couples who face only one or two sticking points in negotiation might require the divorce court judge to intervene on those points. Such “low-conflict” litigation doesn’t have to be dramatic or highly-charged.

In some cases, four-way meeting between the spouses and their attorneys can resolve outstanding disputes. In other cases, sometimes a judge or other court staff can assist the parties in reaching agreements, such as via pretrials. Your attorney might also recommend private mediators or arbitrators to support you and your ex in resolving issues outside of court. Ultimately, if you don’t reach an agreement, we can arrange for the judge to hear your concerns and make a decision. Our West Hartford lawyers can forcefully assert your position during divorce litigation to meet your goals. Beginning to resolve the conflict in front of a judge doesn’t preclude an out-of-court settlement. Freed Marcroft will advise you on which path is most likely to lead to your preferred outcome.

Alternatives to Litigated Divorce

When a divorce goes to trial, personal concerns such as a couple’s finances and parenting styles become public. Furthermore, the divorce court judge rules on all outstanding issues.

When spouses can agree on issues during divorce negotiations, they can design solutions that work for both, including regarding property division, alimony, and child support and custody.

A West Hartford attorney representing you in a litigated divorce can communicate with your spouse’s attorney to find compromises, suggest solutions, and move forward without going to divorce court.

Put Your Trust in a West Hartford Divorce Litigation Attorney

Sometimes only one spouse is committed to reaching an out-of-court resolution, and their spouse refuses to negotiate. Those high-conflict situations can lead to a drawn-out battle in divorce court. Secure legal counsel when you find yourself in a low-conflict or high-conflict divorce. You need someone with experience and stamina to take it to a positive conclusion, either in or out of divorce court.

A West Hartford divorce litigation lawyer can support you throughout—and may even assist in settling a high-conflict divorce out of court. Reach out to the Freed Marcroft team to set up a consultation.

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