Self-Care & Divorce

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Two-toned blue border with the words "Self-Care & Divorce"Self-care is critical during a divorce.  Why?  Divorce is an opportunity to make decisions that move you closer to the future you want.  But, divorce is also stressful, so in order to make those decisions, you need to take care of yourself.  In other words, it’s essential that you prioritize your own wellness.  In this blog post, we will explore effective and straightforward strategies to take care of yourself and manage the stress associated with divorce.

Take Care of Your Noggin During Divorce

Self-Reflection & Therapy

You are going to have a lot of emotions, thoughts, and questions. Take time to reflect on them.  Engage in journaling or meditation to gain insights and process your feelings effectively.  Also, strongly consider seeking professional help when navigating the emotional challenges of divorce.  Therapists can offer guidance, coping strategies, and tools to help you develop resilience during this time.  They can also help you get “unstuck” if you experience overwhelm.

Self-Care Rituals

Create a routine with self-care practices to help you unwind and return to yourself.  For example, commit to reading something you love for a half hour a day, take a relaxing bath twice a week, get a speaker in your bathroom so you can listen to music during your shower, or take a daily walk to spend time in nature.

Set Boundaries

The thing about divorce is that it impacts other people.  And the thing about other people — even when well-intentioned — is that they may bring their own stress and feelings about your divorce to you.  You have to guard your well-being.  Surround yourself with people whose energy adds rather than subtracts.

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Self-Care & Physical Health During Divorce

A bonus of the things you can do to take care of your physical health is that they also support mental health.


You know it’s true — physical activity makes you feel better physically and mentally.  It reduces stress, releases endorphins, and promotes overall well-being. This is not a one-fits-all suggestion — you should choose activities you enjoy.  For example, some people prefer individual activities, others like their exercise social.  Some people want to be outside. Others love the gym.  Try something new, or go back to an old favorite standby.  Run, walk, dance, cycle, golf, ski, or anything else that floats your boat — solo or with others.

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Healthy Eating

We are what we eat — and you need to do everything you can to support your brain and body.  Focus on nourishing your body with nutritious foods to support you both physically and emotionally.

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Restful Sleep

Sleep is critical, and since stress can get in the way, you should prioritize quality sleep.  Consider a sleep mask, white noise, and limiting food and caloric beverages in the two hours before bed.

Do What Brings You Joy

What are some activities you love that you’ve stopped doing?  What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but never have?  Jump out of a plane?  Check out new bands in small venues?  Travel?  Having fun reduces stress and enhances your overall happiness.

Choose to Live a Bigger Life

Divorce is a tremendous opportunity for personal development and growth.  So decide to dream big and create a life you’ll love.

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Next Steps

As you navigate the complexities of divorce, remember that prioritizing self-care is vital to making informed decisions and moving toward the future you desire. Practicing mindfulness, tending to your emotional and physical well-being, setting boundaries, and engaging in joyful activities can reduce stress and enhance your overall resilience. Embrace this opportunity for personal growth and create a foundation of self-care that will support you during and beyond the divorce process.

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