Can a Non-Custodial Parent Access a Child’s Medical Records?

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Blue box with the words children's medical records" in black font and the gold freed marcroft divorce attorneys logo in the lower right corner.Even when you understand the difference between joint and sole custody, you may wonder whether a Connecticut non-custodial parent can access their child’s medical records.   Otherwise put, when one parent has sole legal custody, does the other parent have access to health records for the child?

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Sole Legal Custody Means Decision-Making

The key thing to know is that the parent with sole legal custody has the right to make important decisions for the child, including medical decisions.  These medical decisions may include selecting the child’s doctor and deciding on a course of treatment.

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Non-Custodial Parent’s Right to Access Medical Records

Connecticut law states that “parent not granted custody of a minor child shall not be denied the right of access to the academic, medical, hospital or other health records of such minor child, unless otherwise ordered by the court for good cause shown.”

Generally speaking,  even though one parent has sole custody, the other parent has a right to see a child’s medical records, which include hospital and other types of health records.  That said, if good cause exists to do so, the court has the authority to order that the non-custodial parent cannot access the child’s health records.

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