What Will My Divorce Lawyer Ask Me?

  •   |   Meghan Freed

When you are preparing to meet with a divorce lawyer, it’s very normal to wonder: “What will my divorce lawyer ask me?”

Read on to find out.

Your Divorce Lawyer Should Ask What You Care About the Most

The most important thing that your divorce lawyer should want to know is what you want.

Each person, marriage, and family is unique. You want to find a divorce attorney whose legal and negotiation skills are top-notch, but that’s not the only thing that matters. Divorce is anything but “one size fits all.”

For example, one divorce client’s primary focus could be the smoothest transition possible for parenting their children, while another client’s main goal could be getting to the other side of the divorce process as soon as possible. A third client’s priority might be financial — such as maximizing alimony or property division. In order to tailor your divorce to your priorities, your divorce lawyer’s first task must be helping you to identify and prioritize your goals.

You’ll know your divorce attorney is committed to learning about your family, your situation, and the things that matter most to you by the questions you’re asked. (Honestly, if the divorce law firm doesn’t talk about how critical this is right on its website, it’s a good clue they probably don’t prioritize it.)

Many very skilled technically divorce lawyers fall into a trap of “just doing what they do.” They focus on what they think of as “winning,” or a good result based upon their experience. But if what they think of as a “win” isn’t what is a “win” for you — well, what’s the good of that?

Your Divorce Lawyer Should Ask About Your Relationship with Your Spouse

Once your divorce lawyer knows about what matters most to you, she can begin the process of figuring out which of the three divorce methods — litigationcollaborative divorce, and mediation –might be the right for you, your spouse, and your kids if you have them. After your goals, the two spouses’ ability to communicate effectively (effectively — not perfectly) is a key piece of advising clients on the right divorce approach,

While we’re on this topic — make sure your law firm has divorce attorneys experienced in all three approaches so you have the maximum options. The decision of how you work through the divorce will impact you and your family for years to come. For example, you don’t want to wind-up in a litigated divorce just because the divorce lawyer you met with only litigates rather than because it’s best for your family. You also don’t want to wind up in a failed mediation just because you met with a divorce attorney who only mediates.

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