What is a No Contest Divorce in Connecticut?

  •   |   Meghan Freed

It is critical to understand what a “no contest” or uncontested divorce is in Connecticut. Too many people make decisions thinking a “no contest” divorce is something it isn’t.

There’s Technically No Such Thing as an “No Contest” Divorce

In Connecticut, there’s actually no such thing as a “no contest divorce” like what exists in some other states. In those states, right from the beginning, you initiate an “uncontested divorce” with the court. Then, it turns into a contested divorce if you and your spouse don’t reach an agreement on every issue.

What is an Uncontested Hearing?

What we do have here in Connecticut is an “uncontested divorce hearing.” When two spouses and their lawyers work out all the important issues in their divorce and reach a full settlement agreement, the court holds a hearing. There, the judge reviews the agreement and you answer a series of questions to ensure (1) that you understand the terms and consequences and (2) that you have not been forced to enter into the agreement. If all is in order, the judge finalizes the divorce that day.

Who Qualifies for an Uncontested or No Contest Divorce Hearing?

Any divorce in Connecticut that results in a full final agreement is eligible for an uncontested hearing. A mediated divorce, a collaborative divorce, and even most litigated divorces all wind up in a no contest hearing. The only divorces that don’t are divorces that go all the way to a divorce trial.

Above all, know that this is all very good news — just because there are disagreements at the beginning of the divorce doesn’t mean that you won’t ultimately reach an agreement and have an uncontested hearing.

Next Steps

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