Thinking About Divorce? Take These 4 Steps to Prepare Yourself

  •   |   Meghan Freed

If you are considering divorce, there are a lot of important decisions that you have to make. One of the most important is getting yourself properly prepared before the petition is filed, you tell the kids, and one of you moves out. Although divorce may change your life for the better, it’s a process that has to be backed by careful preparation and smart decision making.

Step One: Get Your Finances in Order

A large percentage of the divorce process involves the division and distribution of assets and debts. To be properly prepared, collect all financial paperwork such as bank account statements, credit card bills, debt-related documents, and investment reports in advance. If you suspect that the divorce may become contentious when it comes to finances, assembling these documents in advance will save the time and stress of trying to collect copies later.

Step Two: Talk to Your Spouse About Your Decision

If you have decided that you really do want a divorce, you need to decide how to break the news to your spouse.

Before scheduling a sit-down, determine in advance what you want to say. This will reduce the likelihood of you being distracted during the discussion. Prepare to remain calm and gently but firmly state your intention, using “I” statements whenever possible. (For example, “I think this is the best decision for me” instead of “I can’t be around you any more.”) If your spouse is willing to be amicable, you could even broach the possibility of collaborative divorce, which bypasses the expensive and time-consuming litigation process.

Step Three: Discuss Living Arrangements

Once a divorce is underway, the question of living arrangements will come up almost immediately. There’s no law saying that you and your soon-to-be former spouse can’t live under the same roof during the divorce process. The advisability of doing so depends on your particular circumstances. If the conclusion is that one of you should leave the marital home, we will guide you through how to handle financial and child custody issues in the interim.

Step Four: Speak to a Divorce Attorney

You will want to engage a law firm that focuses their practice on family law to represent you during your divorce. Our Attorney Meghan Freed wrote about the advice she gave to a friend searching for a family lawyer. You can read more about her top three tips: (1) look for a divorce attorney focused on your goals, (2) meet with a family law firm with lawyers experienced in all three divorce methods, and (3) make sure you and your firm have the rIght vibe and are compatible.

Once all of these steps are accomplished, you are in the best possible position to start the divorce process. While there is no ‘perfect’ time to end a marriage, being properly prepared will make it easier for you to achieve the best outcome for your situation.

If you are thinking about getting divorced in Connecticut, contact Freed Marcroft today. Our experienced and supportive family law team will review your circumstances and help you make the decisions necessary for a fulfilled and independent future.


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