Put on Your Kilt, It’s Snowing

  •   |   Meghan Freed

What does a snowy day have to do with Connecticut’s state tartan, you ask?

(For that matter, you probably also ask: “We have a state tartan?”)

Thanks to Connecticut General Statutes § 3-110j, we have one. And it’s no regular old run of the mill tartan, either.

The following-described tartan shall be the official tartan of the state: A plaid, with large blue stripes representing Long Island Sound, large green stripes representing forest, medium gray stripes representing granite, red and yellow pin stripes representing autumn leaves and white pin stripes representing snow.

See? Snow! The white stripes are snow! Obviously!

Happily, if you are looking to, say, make yourself a Connecticut tartan, the statute provides instructions:

The white pin stripes shall be located within every other gray stripe and shall be offset from the center. The thread ratio for the tartan shall be: Blue-10, gray-2, white-1, gray-5, green-8, yellow-1, green-2, red-1, green-8, gray-8 and blue-10.

Happy weaving!

Freed Marcroft LLC

Freed Marcroft LLC