Positivity and Divorce: 4 Ways to Create a Positive Future Starting Now

  •   |   Meghan Freed

Updated November 22, 2023

Positivity and divorce — it’s not only possible, but it’s within your control. As we step boldly into 2024, refreshed by the new beginnings and possibilities ahead, we challenge you to make this the year that you leave your past behind you and start thriving today! If you’re reading this after a year that included significant life changes and hurdles (like divorce), we want to remind you that there is always an opportunity in every situation to create a new story, starting exactly where you stand. Remember, you are not in control of other people’s actions, but you are in control of your reactions to them. That means you have 100% control over your own happiness.

Here are four ways that you can create a positive future starting now.

4 Ways to Unlock Your Positivity During Divorce

1. Adopt a Positive Outlook

Let’s face it: While staying at home and relaxing is necessary from time to time, allowing grief and resentment to rule your life can be disempowering and isolating. Regardless of how you arrived where you are today, one thing to remember is that your future is full of choices, and you can decide how you want it to look and feel—starting now. You can accept invitations from friends to go out, and you are absolutely allowed to have fun and do things you know you will enjoy. Spending time with fun-loving and positive people will lift your spirits like few things can.

2. Rediscover What You Love

Instead of immediately looking for someone else to share your life with, rediscover the things you love to do on your own. Perhaps you enjoyed classical music, but your former spouse disliked it so much that you couldn’t even play it at home. Now would be a perfect time to treat yourself to concert tickets, a classical music album, or even lessons if you always wanted to learn to play an instrument. Permit yourself to re-embrace everything you gave up for the sake of your partner, and revel in the resulting positivity and sense of promise.

3. Be Kind to Yourself

Remember the words of your friendly airline attendants: “Please put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.” Taking care of yourself is not only important, it’s vital. You’ve got family, friends, work, and everything in between. On the heels of a year that likely filled your plate to the limits, it’s time to reset and recharge. Your body takes on stress in the form of tension, aches, and pains that grow over time. Listen to their signals and decide if connecting to a new exercise regime, massage therapy, or a meditation class feels like the right path. Reach out to friends and family members, or even a therapist, if you need time to talk and sort through the array of emotions you’re working through. It’s completely normal to need help as you transition from married to single.

You can accomplish so much, so connect with those who can guide and cheer you on as you discover a new and rewarding relationship with yourself.

4. Decide Who You Want to Become

You’re no longer married, so you’re in a position to become whoever you want to be. Take a minute to summarize and envision the new you, and make an action list of the steps you need to take to get there. Give yourself dates by when you want to accomplish these things and hold yourself accountable for living your best life.

Do you want to make a career switch? Investigate training or apprenticeship opportunities in fields that interest you. Do you want to live in a different state or even country? Start looking for career opportunities there.

Your priorities and goals may change the more you explore. If so, great! You’re discovering what is truly important to you, and it’s worth adventuring down a detour or being open to changing plans. What matters is that you reach a destination that makes you truly happy.

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Next Steps

Now that you have learned four keys to help you unlock your positivity during divorce, what do you do next? At Freed Marcroft, we are your biggest cheerleaders when you take those huge and vital steps toward a positive and fulfilled future. If you need assistance with your own divorce situation, we are here to listen, set goals together, and get you started on the road to a new and happy you.

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