Online Divorce in Connecticut

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Many people want to avoid going to court in person. The new online divorce process in Connecticut can be a great option.

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Getting Divorced Online Without Going to Court in Connecticut

The Connecticut courts have announced that they now permit remote uncontested divorces. In other words, if you reach a full agreement on your divorce, the court may order your divorce without you physically attending court.

Can You Legally Separate Online?


When you and your ex agree on all issues, we will prepare and file all necessary documents. Next, we request the court order final judgment remotely in your custody, visitation, or legal separation action. That said, you must physically go to court if there is either (1) an application for or (2) a current restraining order or protective order between the two of you.

How Do We Reach an Agreement for our Divorce Online?

Find a law firm with a team of divorce attorneys adept at remote technology so that you can resolve your divorce virtually. Freed Marcroft has an online, virtual divorce process is available for all three approaches to divorce, including collaborativemediation, and even, in some cases, litigation.

Technology For Online Divorce

Once limited by geography, divorce negotiations can now bridge long distances, thanks to technology. Virtual divorce allows parties to communicate with their Freed Marcroft attorney via conference call, Zoom, Skype, or similar technologies. Long-distance online divorce can now be used as long as you have access to a phone or high-speed internet.

Each and every Freed Marcroft team member has the technology to help you not only wherever we are, but also wherever you are. (And we have the security and data practices in place to help protect your confidential client information.)

Next Steps

For more information about Connecticut divorce and family law, check out our Divorce Information and Facts. If you have questions or want to learn more about how our team of divorce attorneys can help you with your custody or Post Judgment issue, please contact us here.

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