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Jenn T. Grace from Gay Business and Marketing and the author of But You Don’t Look Gay put together a series of thirty interviews with LGBT business leaders. (LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.)  She is uploading one each day in June, and today is my (Meghan’s) day.

Jenn and I discussed everything from the joy that our law practice with our lesbian, gay, and same-sex couple clients brings to Kristen and me, to the matrimonial, custody, and estate planning legal issues faced by LGBT individuals and families, to my “virtuosic” ability to fold an origami crane out of anything — including a cocktail napkin. My interview is here.

A few days ago, Jenn featured Danie Fineman’s interview. Danie is a talented realtor, a veteran, and an all around great person. Jenn, Danie, Kristen, and I met each other through Connecticut’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce, The Connecticut Alliance for Business Opportunities, better known as CABO. CABO’s mission is to create, identify and enhance business opportunities for LGBT individuals, lesbian and gay majority owned businesses (like Freed Marcroft), and LGBT-allied organizations, “thereby fostering a more inclusive and vibrant Connecticut economy.” CABO makes Connecticut better, and we are proud to be members.

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