Love and Marriage

  •   |   Meghan Freed

Although we spend a significant amount of our practice devoted to helping clients end their marriages as civilly, healthfully, and respectfully as possible, Freed Marcroft loves love. And, we love that the Illinois Senate chose Valentine’s Day as the day to hold a vote approving marriage equality.

Same sex marriage is not yet legal in Illinois, the House has not yet voted and sufficient votes are said to be lacking.  Still, though, what a lovely day for the State’s senate to choose to do the right thing. Illinois wasn’t the only state for all lovers yesterday.  Minnesotans, who voted to defeat an amendment banning gay marriage to their state constitution in 2012, rallied in support of marriage equality yesterday for Valentine’s Day. New England’s one marriage equality hold-out, our neighbor Rhode Island, passed marriage equality “handily” in their House o f Representatives in January.  The State’s Senate has not yet acted, which Rhode Island’s Republican-turned-independent Governor Lincoln Chaffee has said jeopardizes his State’s economy, stating:

We are in intense competition with Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.  We are all in the same economy. We have to have the same welcome mat at our door that our neighbors have.

It seems that love is big business.

We wish our friends and family a healthy and happy day, with whomever they choose to make their Valentines.

Freed Marcroft LLC

Freed Marcroft LLC