How Does Child Support Work in Connecticut?

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Child support stems from parents’ duty to support their minor children.  Read on to learn more about how does child support work in Connecticut?

What Expenses Does Child Support Cover?

Support payments are meant to cover a broad range of expenses for the minor child, including the basics — shelter, food, and clothes.

When Does Child Support End in Connecticut?

Under most circumstances, child support is paid until a child turns 18.  When a child has not graduated from high school by age 18, child support payments typically continue until the earlier of the child’s (1) graduation from high school or (2) 19th birthday.

How is Child Support Paid?

Child support is typically paid on a monthly or weekly basis via cash, check, direct deposit, or through a wage withholding order.

When is Child Support Determined?

Child support must be determined whenever the parties have minor children in the following legal actions: the dissolution of marriage (divorce), annulment, legal separation, and child custody proceedings.

How is the Amount of Child Support Determined?

Under Connecticut General Statutes Section 46b-84, in determining whether a child is in need of maintenance and, if in need, the respective abilities of the parents to provide such maintenance and the amount thereof, the court shall consider the respective:

  • age
  • health
  • station
  • occupation
  • earning capacity
  • the amount and sources of income
  • estate
  • vocational skills

of each of the parents and of the child, as well as the needs of the child.

Isn’t There a Formula to Calculate Child Support?

The Connecticut Child Support Guidelines provide a mathematical formula to provide some predictability and consistency when determining child support.  Courts consider the guidelines in addition to (not instead of) the factors listed above.

Next Steps

To learn more about the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines and how child support is calculated in Connecticut, please check out this article. If you have questions or want to learn more about how child support might work in your specific situation, please contact us here.

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