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In response to recent tweets from the President banning transgendered people from serving in the US military in any capacity, Meghan Freed was quoted by The Hartford Courant, defending Connecticut as being on the “leading edge of working against trans discrimination.”

Meghan, a Hartford attorney who runs a family law practice with her wife, said the decision finalized in 2016 to lift the military’s transgender ban was made after research and backed by data.

“Today it turns out that we can reverse a well thought-out policy with a tweet,” she said. “I would be shocked if there weren’t lawsuits.”

Freed said there has been growing acceptance of transgender individuals, particularly in Connecticut, which she described as “at the leading edge of working against trans discrimination.”

Meghan currently serves on the Board of Directors of GLAD, Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. The organization’s mission hits close to home for the team at Freed Marcroft. All people deserve equality and representation without discrimination.

Trans people are people, period. To our friends and family in the LGBTQ community and beyond. You are not a burden. You are loved. We are here for you.

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