Assisted Living For LGBTQIA+ Seniors

  •   |   Meghan Freed

Around 2.4 million Americans over 65 identify as LGBTQIA+. Many of these seniors need help performing tasks such as walking upstairs, cooking food, or changing their clothes. In retirement, independent living, and assisted living communities for LGBTQIA+ seniors, residents enjoy the rights they might not receive elsewhere due to their sexual or gender identity, including:

  • Caregivers, administrative staff, and fellow residents treat each other with dignity.
  • Community members are never verbally, sexually, mentally, financially, or physically abused.
  • All residents are guaranteed privacy regardless of their physical or mental struggles.
  • So long as they are able, residents are always involved in making important decisions about their life and their healthcare.
  • Community members are always informed of changes in services, care, treatment, and billing.
  • All residents are included in all facility activities.

Visit for a list of LGBTQIA+-friendly retirement, independent, and assisted living communities in your state.

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