Deciding on custody and visitation arrangements can be emotionally and practically challenging for families with children going through a divorce. This struggle can be made even more complex for high-earning parents, whose demanding careers and busy schedules may not make traditional parenting plans a feasible option. In these circumstances, the guidance of our skilled Greenwich custody attorneys can be invaluable to helping you reach your goals.

At Freed Marcroft, we possess extensive experience in navigating complex custody situations, including intricate family dynamics, financial complexities, and non-traditional lifestyles. This gives our team the knowledge to help you achieve an arrangement that prioritizes your children’s well-being while accommodating the demands of your professional life.

We’ve spent decades familiarizing ourselves with the Connecticut family court system and acquiring a rapport with judges who preside over these cases statewide, so we know which strategies can put you in the best position for success. Call today to book a consultation with a member of our team and learn more!

Types Of Custody In Connecticut

Two types of custody are recognized in the state of Connecticut: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the rights to make important decisions about the child’s upbringing, such as where they go to school, what type of medical treatment they receive, what religion they practice, and more. On the other hand, physical custody refers to the actual physical care and supervision of the child – which parent they live with.

Both types of custody may be awarded solely to one parent, or shared between both parents. It is common for the courts to grant joint legal custody, giving both parents the right to share decision-making authority in their child’s life. Physical custody may be sole or joint, depending on the circumstances of the case. Our Greenwich custody lawyers will answer your questions about legal and physical custody, advocate for the best interests of your child, and empower you to move forward with confidence.

Creating A Parenting Plan

Your parenting plan is the document that outlines the custody and visitation arrangements for your children, and that will be included as part of your divorce decree. We recommend putting as much detail into your plan as possible to make the transition easier for your children and to avoid future conflict. Some issues that should be addressed include:

  • Residential schedule for the children
  • Holiday and vacation schedule
  • Transportation and exchange of the children
  • Communication guidelines between parents
  • Dispute resolution methods
  • Relocation and change of residence
  • Child support and financial responsibilities
  • And more.

You each have the right and opportunity to work together to create your parenting plan, which can be as personalized as you desire. Mediation or collaboration are favorable dispute resolution methods which can help you and your spouse engage in constructive discussion and reach mutually-beneficial agreements while saving time and money.

If you are unable to reach an agreement on your own, your case must be litigated in court, where a judge will make the final decision and impose a parenting plan on you. Each of our Greenwich custody lawyers are exceptional litigators. Our team has the depth of knowledge and experience to present a persuasive case and deploy the most strategic plan of action on your behalf. You can trust us to leave it all on the floor for you!

Modifying Custody Agreements

If your current parenting plan needs to be revised to keep up with your or your kids’ changing lives, our Greenwich custody lawyers may be able to file a Motion to Modify and have the plan revised. In order to be granted, you must be able to prove that the modifications will serve the best interests of your children. Many parents pursue modifications to seek additional parenting time, to relocate or move, or to reflect the changes to work or school schedules. We will ensure your voice is heard and give you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

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