Meghan Freed featured in Avvo article “Do You Need a Divorce Concierge?”

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Meghan Freed was featured in Mary Fetzer’s recent Avvo article about divorce concierge services.

A divorce concierge doesn’t replace the need for a divorce attorney, but it can make ending things a whole lot easier, especially in states where the dissolution of a marriage can involve complicated procedures.  While attorneys’ talents and fees may be best used on legal work, a concierge can help you set appointments, work through to-do lists, gather documents, vet various professionals, and support you through the labor-intensive process of divorce.

Meghan Freed, founder of family law firm Freed Marcroft in Hartford, Connecticut, is seeing more people choose to work with a divorce concierge. “While the emotional and financial impacts of a divorce are often discussed, a less-discussed reality is that going through a divorce is simply very time-consuming,” she says. “The divorce process itself—as well as the accompanying life changes—puts a lot on our clients’ plates.”

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