Determining how you and your former spouse will share time with your children following divorce is an intricate and sensitive legal process. If one or both of you are high-income earners who live a unique lifestyle, or if you live in separate states (or even separate countries), determining custody can become a serious logistical dilemma. This is why working with skilled Waterbury custody lawyers with extensive experience and a deep-seated knowledge of the Connecticut family legal system is crucial to the outcome of your case. 

Our team has decades of collective experience in our toolbox, as well as a singular focus on family law and a dedication to constantly improving our craft. We take the time to fully grasp your vision for your life so that we can approach your custody matter with a strategy deeply rooted in your goals – because your goals are what matter. Discover more about how we can be an asset to you, and contact our firm to request a consultation with a member of our team today!

Contested Vs. Uncontested Custody

Custody can be either contested or uncontested in Connecticut. If you and your spouse agree on how to split parenting time – whether through negotiation in litigation, mediation, or collaboration – then your case is uncontested. But if you cannot reach an agreement, your case is considered contested and will require a judge to decide. They will consider several factors in their ruling, including:

  • Your child’s needs
  • Your child’s relationships
  • Your child’s current living situation
  • The health of all parties involved
  • Instances of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect
  • And more.

Your parenting plan will govern both the legal and physical custody arrangements. Legal custody refers to the authority to make important decisions affecting your child’s upbringing, while physical custody refers to where the child lives and when. Parents (or even a grandparent in some cases) can share custody, or one person can have sole custody. Our Waterbury custody lawyers compassionately represent parents while advocating for a parenting plan that reflects your child’s best interests and is flexible enough to anticipate future changes as they grow.

Custody Modifications After Divorce

If your goal is to change the parenting plan, custody arrangement, or child support that was finalized in your divorce due to significant life changes, our experienced Waterbury custody lawyers can help you effectively navigate post-judgment custody motions. Children go through a lot of changes as they grow, and arrangements that once worked seamlessly may begin to cause problems. 

Parents also go through their own transitions that lead them to file a motion to modify to seek additional parenting time, relocate or move, or reflect changes to work or school. It is important to note that any modification must reflect the child’s best interests. Our firm is devoted to employing the most strategic post-judgment custody motions on your behalf and putting you in the best position for a favorable outcome. 

How Compassionate Waterbury Custody Lawyers Can Impact Your Family

We know that matters pertaining to your children can be legally, financially, and emotionally complicated, and sometimes involve significant conflict. When emotions run high, you can rely on the Freed Marcroft team to keep you grounded and in a mental state to make the most logical and beneficial decisions. We take the time to acknowledge and understand your vision for your life, so that your goals remain the focus of every move we make together. Call today to request your consultation with a member of our team and learn more about your legal options for moving forward to your next chapter.

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