Finding the best custody arrangement for your family is one of  the most critical parts of any divorce or separation. The thought of not being with your kids as much as you’d like to be can seem impossibly hard to face. That’s why you need dedicated and tenacious family attorneys on your side as you navigate this challenge. 

At Freed Marcroft, we meet you where you are and dive deep into the facts of your case. While we will always advocate for the custody arrangement you want and protect the best interests of your children, we don’t shy away from hard truths. Other firms may tell you what you want to hear, but we will tell you what you need to know. Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced Hartford custody lawyers can give you an advantage.

What Does Custody Look Like In Connecticut?

It’s important to understand that custody is not the same thing as visitation, which refers to time spent with your child. Custody pertains to where a child lives and when, as well as the right to make major decisions regarding their upbringing. In Connecticut, children in a joint custody arrangement live with both parents, though that doesn’t necessarily mean the time will be divided equally. Children in a sole custody arrangement primarily reside with one parent who has the majority say in important decisions regarding their upbringing. Joint custody is more common in Connecticut.

How Are Custody Matters Solved?

Custody arrangements are decided upon as part of your divorce settlement. If you and your ex can agree on an arrangement, then your case is considered uncontested. However, if you cannot agree, your case is contested. 

You may be able to find a successful solution through negotiation, mediation, or collaboration. We know that this is not always an option, though. In the event that a judge must make the final decision regarding your custody arrangement, you can rely on our aggressive Hartford custody lawyers to put you in the best possible position. We are a team of skilled litigators with an extensive knowledge of the Connecticut family court system. 

In a contested custody case, judges may examine various factors in their decision, which include:

  • Your child’s needs
  • Your child’s relationship with you, as well as their other parent
  • Your child’s living situation
  • Your child’s health condition
  • Your health condition, as well as their other parent
  • Instances of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect
  • And more.

How Can Hartford Custody Lawyers Impact My Custody Case?

When you start your next chapter, your relationship with your kids, their relationship with your extended family members, your financial stability, and more will all be affected by the outcome of your custody case. We know you have a vision for your life, and we need to understand it before we can put you on the path to reaching those goals. That’s why we spend time getting to know you and asking the hard-hitting questions.

Because custody can be legally and financially complex, emotionally draining, and often involve a significant amount of conflict, it may be hard for you to remain level-headed and make the most logical and beneficial choices for your and your children’s futures. Our seasoned Hartford custody lawyers know this, which is why we strive to help you consider things from angles you may not have, and anticipate the changes that may take place as your children grow. We also have the courage to present you with our honest professional opinion about your likelihood of success in front of a judge. 

Freed Marcroft Is Committed To Fighting For Your Family’s Best Interests

Our priority is empowering you to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life. We develop legal strategies that are deeply rooted in your goals and then we leave it all on the mat for you as we navigate you to your new life! Call today to speak with a member of our team and learn more about how we can be your partner in this time of transformation. 

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