When it comes to your relationship with your children and the time you spend with them, you likely aren’t willing to settle for a custody arrangement that isn’t up to your standards. Even if you and your partner ended your marriage or relationship amicably and agreed on most aspects of your divorce, you may surprised to find that the two of you don’t agree on who should be responsible for making the significant decisions that affect your child’s life and who they should spend the majority of their time with. In cases like these, you need a skilled custody attorney by your side who can put you in the best position for the arrangement you desire. 

At Freed Marcroft, we solely focus on the legal issues that affect families, and we excel in our field. We avidly represent parents and protect the rights they have to their children. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about the advantages our Fairfield custody lawyers can bring to your legal situation. 

Connecticut Custody Considerations

If both parents can agree on custody of their children, Connecticut considers your custody case uncontested. However, if you cannot reach athrough negotiation, mediation, or collaboration, a judge must step in to make the final decision in your contested custody case. Connecticut judges may consider several factors in their decision, such as:

  • The child’s needs
  • The child’s relationship with each of their parents
  • The child’s living situation
  • The health of the child, as well as each parent
  • Whether instances of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect have been documented
  • And more. 

If you and your spouse have agreed to negotiate, mediate, or collaborate, our Fairfield custody lawyers will work tirelessly to help you reach a resolution that works for you and your children. However, if tensions are high and a judge becomes involved, you will have the advantage of our effective and tenacious custody litigators in your corner.

Types Of Custody In Connecticut

Many people confuse custody with visitation: custody refers to either physical custody (where a child lives and when) or legal custody (the ability to make major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing), while visitation (sometimes referred to as parenting time) refers to time spent with the child. 

In Connecticut, parents can have either joint or sole custody in both the legal and physical realms. For example:

  • Joint physical custody means your child will spend time living with both parents (though that does not necessarily mean the time will be equally divided)
  • Sole physical custody means that your child will primarily reside with one parent while the other parent has rights to visitation
  • Joint legal custody means that both parents share the right to make important decisions regarding their child’s upbringing
  • Sole legal custody means that only one parent will have the right to make important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing

How Fairfield Custody Lawyers Can Help You Reach A Favorable Arrangement

We want clients to take control of their situation and advocate for the life they envision for themselves and their children, and there is nobody better to guide you in the right direction than us. We take the time to listen to you as you paint a clear picture of your future, and then we hit the ground running. We will never mislead you regarding your chances of success, and we always supply you with the truth – even if it’s sometimes hard to hear. The knowledge and experience of our Fairfield custody lawyers can anticipate any challenges that may arise during your legal case and help you overcome them without wasting valuable time or resources. 

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