Navigating custody and visitation decisions post-divorce can pose emotional and logistical challenges for couples that share children. This difficulty is often amplified for high-earning parents, given the demanding nature of their professions and the extensive time commitments that may not align with conventional parenting plans. In the face of these unique circumstances, the guidance of our experienced Danbury custody lawyers becomes indispensable.

Our team is well-versed in handling a vast range of circumstances, from complex finances to not-so-typical lifestyles. We understand that your kids’ best interests are your priority and that you have a specific vision for how you want your life to look post-divorce. With years of experience in the Connecticut family court system and a significant familiarity with the judges around the state, we’re ready to tackle the unique challenges of your case.

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Navigating The Path Forward: Contested vs. Uncontested Custody In Connecticut

In Connecticut, custody can fall into two categories: contested or uncontested. If you and your spouse can agree on every aspect of your parenting plan—whether through negotiation in litigation, mediation, or collaboration—your case is considered uncontested. These cases typically get resolved faster, which can save you time and spare both the adults and the children the added stress of a trial.

However, if you cannot reach an agreement, you’ll have a contested case, requiring a judge to decide. The judge considers various factors in their ruling, such as your child’s needs, relationships, current living situation, and more. These cases often take longer to resolve, incur more legal fees, and heighten the emotional strain for all involved.

Remember, this isn’t about winning or losing; it’s about supporting your kids’ continuing relationship with both parents, which will often require a healthy dose of compromise!

Decoding Custody Arrangements: Understanding Factors, Types, And Cross-Border Challenges

There are two primary types of custody: legal and physical. Custody may be shared between parents (most common), granted solely to one parent, or awarded to a third party such as a grandparent (least common). In Connecticut, parents typically share both joint legal and physical custody. This arrangement implies that each parent holds rights and responsibilities for the child, even though the time spent with the child may not always be divided exactly equally between them.

Depending on the circumstances, joint custody can even sometimes remain a viable option in cases where former spouses reside in different states or countries. Some high-earning parents who, despite living unconventional lifestyles, maintain close relationships with their children. Regardless of your unique circumstances, our experienced Danbury custody lawyers can assist you in navigating custody matters effectively, whether through collaborative methods like mediation or, if necessary, through assertive litigation.

Crafting A Comprehensive Parenting Plan: The Role Of Our Danbury Custody Lawyers

It’s best to cover as many topics as you can in your parenting plan to mitigate the potential for future issues. The most pressing matter is often determining how you will share parenting time with your former spouse. Suppose the parents decide that a close to 50/50 split is the best approach for your family. There are several forms that your parenting schedule might take. For example, it might look like having your kids on alternating weeks, a 3-4-4-3 schedule (you have them for 3 days, while your ex has them for 4, and so on), a 5-2-2-5 schedule (you have them for five days, while your ex has them for 2, and so on), or alternative weekends with a midweek overnight stay.

Our strategic Danbury custody lawyers can always adapt traditional plans to fit you and your family better or even create a hybrid option. We will also assist you in addressing other important considerations, like how you’ll handle vacations, holidays, and more.

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