What’s the Difference Between Shared Custody and Split Custody?

what's the difference between shared custody and split custodyA lot of family law terms can be confusing, including the difference between “split custody” and “shared custody.”

Split Custody Definition

Under the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines, “split custody” is a situation in which the parents have more than one child in common and each parent is the custodial parent of at least one of the children.  An example of split custody is where one child primarily resides with the one parent and the other child primarily resides with the other parent.

Shared Custody Definition

“Shared physical custody” is when “the physical residence of the child is shared by the parents in a manner that ensures the child has substantially equal time and contact with both parents. An exactly equal sharing of physical care and control of the child is not required for a finding of shared physical custody.”

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Physical Custody

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