Child custody is the legal arrangement for the care of children. We generally break it down into two types — physical custody and legal custody. For divorcing families with children, decisions surrounding the legal and physical custody of children are often the most emotional aspects of a divorce. We are dedicated to getting a parenting plan in place that is rooted in your goals for you and your children — that a court will agree is in your child’s best interests. Consult Freed Marcroft about physical and legal custody in Connecticut.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to a child’s living situation. Otherwise put — physical custody means where a child lives, when.

Joint Physical Custody

joint physical custody plan means your child will spend time living with both of you, even if the amount of time is not exactly equal.

Sole Physical Custody

If you have sole physical custody, on the other hand, your child will physically live with you, while the other parent will generally have rights to visitation.

Parenting Time

Connecticut divorce lawyers are starting to replace the term  “visitation” with “parenting time.” “Parenting time” is defined as the amount of time a parent spends with a child. The switch to “parenting time” reflects the fact that any time a child is with either parent, that parent is parenting, not just visiting.

Legal Custody

Legal custody gives parents the ability to make major decisions for their children in terms of their education, healthcare, and religion, among others.

Joint Legal Custody

Connecticut courts tend to prefer granting joint legal custody, allowing both parents to share the ability to make decisions for the children.

Sole Legal Custody

Sole legal custody means only one parent will have this decision-making power. Courts sometimes order sole legal custody when one parent is uninvolved, or when the parents are unable to make decisions together. In other cases, when parents are unable to make decisions together, the court will order joint legal custody but give one parent final decision-making authority.

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