Child Support

Child support is a top concern of many parents who are no longer together. While most parents want to do what is right for their children, there is often a fine balance between ensuring a child is well taken care of, and maintaining reasonable expectations for the supporting parent. Both concerns are valid.

Freed Marcroft is committed to helping each family reach an amicable resolution if possible. When it’s not, we are equally effective at reaching a fair resolution through assertive representation.

Child Support Guidelines

Child support guidelines in Connecticut provide a baseline for required support payments. Factors such as income levels, earning potential, number of children, and others are used to calculate the figure. From this baseline, an attorney can recommend deviating from the guidelines after documenting and presenting evidence to the court.  Proper exploration and presentation of evidence may cause increases or reductions in the baseline calculations of child support.

Whether settling child support payments, seeking a child support modification, or handling a contempt for non-payment, Freed Marcoft’s lawyers seek to understand each client’s needs and economic situation. Our regular participation in seminars and educational forums help us stay well informed about current child support issues, including interstate support disputes, so we can best represent our client’s interests.

While protecting child custody rights and maximizing support within Connecticut child support guidelines, lawyers must always place the child’s best interest at the center.

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