Divorce Litigation

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What Do Boardwalk Empire and Reese Witherspoon Have to Do with Whether I Have to Go to Court to Finalize My Connecticut Divorce?

Two years ago, inspired by an episode of Boardwalk Empire, I wrote a post about how there is no (and never has been any) such thing as federal divorce.

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Is There A Waiting Period Before I Can Get Divorced in Connecticut?

Currently, under Section 46b-67 of Chapter 815j of the Connecticut General Statutes, you are required to wait a minimum of 90 days from the “Return Date” …

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Connecticut Jurisdiction Over Divorce for Non-Residents

Meghan’s recent posts about cases pending in Texas and Mississippi address the difficulty people in same sex marriages can have locating a court who will grant them a divorce if their marriage doesn’t work.  I thought it made sense to explore further whether Connecticut can grant divorces to same sex couples who married here, but who reside elsewhere. Connecticut law,…

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Boardwalk Empire, an Alien in a Human Suit, and Federal Divorce

Kristen and I have been watching Boardwalk Empire.  Mainlining it, actually.  Last night we tucked in to Season 2, Episode 10, “Georgia Peaches.” In one very-tertiary-to-the-main-action scene last night, Agent Nelson Van Alden (who is at most times scarier than the corrupt pols and gangsters he wants to bring down, and is at all times reminiscent of Edgar the Bug, the…

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