What is an “All Property” Divorce State?

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One of the key pieces of a divorce is the division of property. An “all property” state — like Connecticut — allows courts to divide all of both spouses’ property in a divorce.

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What is an “All Property” Divorce State?

Some state laws establish two categories of property — “separate property” and “community property.” Generally speaking, in those states, courts can distribute community property between the spouses, but each spouse keeps his or her separate property. In contrast, when spouses divorce in an “all property” state like Connecticut, the court can distribute practically all of their property, including:

  • Property that each spouse acquired prior to the marriage
  • Property in the name of one spouse only
  • Inheritances and gifts

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Are There Any Exceptions?

Divorce courts cannot divide a very limited category of property ownership called an “expectancy.”

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How Does Property Division Work in Connecticut Divorces?

Connecticut family law courts have broad authority to award property to either side in a divorce. This is true regardless of how it is titled, when it was acquired, or whether it was received as a gift or inheritance.

In Connecticut, how property is divided based upon “equitable distribution.”  In other words, courts divide property equitably — which does not necessarily mean equally.

The Comprehensive Connecticut Property Division Guide

How to divide property is one of the most important issues in divorces. And, it’s one of the most confusing. There are no set formulas or rules on how property will be divided. The good news is that creates tremendous flexibility for experienced divorce attorneys to craft an individualized approach. In order to prepare to make solid and informed decisions, you need to understand how property division works. Our Comprehensive Connecticut Property Division Guide tells you everything you need to know about property division in Connecticut.

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