Freed Marcroft’s Office Featured in Hartford Magazine Article on Green Workplaces

  •   |   Meghan Freed

Freed Marcroft’s office was featured in the April, 2013 edition of Hartford Magazine in an article entitled “Green is Good.”

Their office should serve as a physical reflection of the firm’s ideals: steeped in the tradition of law but forward-looking to new technologies and methods. The partners consulted Dieter Rams’ principles of good design, including the tenet to embrace the best technology available. ‘You can practice law differently,’ says Freed. ‘Ultimately, that’s what made us change. None of us are completely money-motivated individuals, but we are motivated by lifestyle. We wanted our workplace to be an extension of our personal lives.’

Kristen discussed the choice of the 1880s Linden building on Main Street in Hartford for our law firm’s home.

Reusing a historic building in downtown Hartford was a key starting point in the vision for a sustainable work environment. ‘We renovated an existing space, in part because we love the historic 1891 Linden Building,’ says attorney Kristen Marcroft. Part of the sustainability extended to the site choice, where Freed and Marcroft reside. They commute by elevator; it’s difficult to imagine a smaller carbon footprint.

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