Build Breaks For Yourself Into the Holiday Season, But Don’t Do It Like Daphne Did

  •   |   Meghan Freed

Yesterday was an exciting day here at the Hartford office.

Laura, our intrepid Jill-of-All-Trades Coordinator, had a hankering for a breakfast treat and decided to head over to Max Bibo’s, the awesome deli down the road. Daphne, our fearless canine leader, hopped up on the couch by the door and begged to join Laura.  By begged I mean spun around and squawked.  She was told a firm no, as dogs are not allowed in delis, and also this particular dog is not in need of a breakfast treat, if you get my meaning.

Moreover, Laura has been trying to put her foot down with Miss D, after having it pointed out to her that perhaps, despite Daphne’s assertions to the contrary, Daphne does not need to be taken out to do her business twelve times daily and, further, perhaps Laura was being played by her furry friend and needed to claw back some ground in their relationship.

When Laura returned to the office, all was quiet on the dog front and she and the other humans assumed Daphne had retired to her downstairs suite. (It’s a metal cage with a mat in it, but don’t tell Daphne that.) A while later, however, a call came in to the office indicating otherwise.  It was Chris The Security Guard letting us know that Daphne was with him. Turns out, Daphne took Laura’s firm “no” as a challenge and walked herself right out the front door behind Laura and proceeded on a solo walkabout around the block.  If you’ve ever been the person leaving the cash only parking garage with a friend and realized that you only had enough cash between the two of you for one car, you can kind of get a visual of what this looked like. For the rest of you, here is some handy security footage*:

After Chris The Security Guard was effusively thanked and Daphne was safely back in the office, we got to thinking.  Maybe Daphne just needed to seize a moment for herself, like we all do sometimes — particularly this time of year.  While the holiday season is special, it can also be very trying.  This is especially true for people going through difficult things like divorce or loss. Now more than ever in this crazy world, it is so important to carve out time for yourself. Breathe. Go outside. Go for a walk. Take yourself out to a movie. Or lunch (and order the wine). Do a kindness for someone who isn’t expecting it. Do a kindness for yourself. Decide that, sometimes, good is good enough.  Even if it isn’t perfect. Resolve that, even though things may be changing and maybe they will never be the same as they once were, you are still here and you and your loved ones have a chance to make new traditions that might just end up being wonderful.

Just maybe try to get ahead of it so you don’t end up needing a break so badly that you’re turning yourself into the local authorites after busting out and taking an unsupervised stroll down Main Street.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this video or this blog post. One specific animal was given a stern talking to and a brief timeout. Followed by a breakfast treat.


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