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Alimony & Spousal Support

When it comes to alimony and spousal support in Connecticut, an experienced spousal support attorney is essential. Assets and incomes, once shared, must be considered for division. Alimony clients are often apprehensive about living without the monetary contributions of a spouse or the significant strain of supporting a spouse post-divorce. There are many subtleties that calculate separation support and long-term alimony. A Connecticut spousal support calculation must be assessed by a skilled divorce lawyer who will help the client financially plan for their future happiness. Freed Marcroft has cultivated the legal acumen to create sustainable agreements for alimony and spousal support during divorce.

In Connecticut, alimony is not just a function of income. While income does play an important role in the determination of alimony, it is not the only factor. Alimony is a much more complex proposition based on a variety of factors including the length of the marriage, causes of the divorce, earning capacity of the spouses, and the existence of prenuptial agreements, among others.  At Freed Marcroft, we listen carefully to our clients’ priorities, allowing us to articulate their needs to the court to protect their lifestyle.

Connecticut case law on alimony is dynamic and evolving.  Freed Marcroft’s attorneys are avid proponents of continuing education in various aspects of family law, and both attend and frequently present at seminars on divorce-related issues throughout Connecticut.

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The attorneys at Freed Marcroft guide select clients through the legal aspects of divorce while remaining mindful of their overall wellness. To discuss our helping with your situation, contact us either here or by phone at 860-560-8160.