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Matthew McGoldrick

Matthew McGoldrick, Attorney 860-560-8160


Matthew is not only an attorney with Freed Marcroft he’s also an NFL Owner.

Well, he owns .0000002% of the Green Bay Packers.  And we say that 1 out of 5,009,562 shares counts for something!
  Matthew devotes his practice entirely to divorce and family law. He makes the divorce process less confusing – helping Freed Marcroft’s clients dig down and identify what is most important to them so that they can transition into living the life they truly want. Prior to law school, Matthew worked in the educational system assisting those in high stress situations. He calls upon his past experience in counseling to help our clients understand and contextualize the complex emotions and situations they and their family are experiencing. Matthew, at his core, is committed to making even the toughest life transitions a little bit easier for each client while supporting them as they work towards bettering themselves and their situations.   Matthew encourages Freed Marcroft’s clients to focus on the future ahead and the decisions they can make to positively impact that future.   Since his prior career in education, Matthew has understood first-hand the importance of teaming up with other professionals to ensure that children’s best interests and needs are identified as part of the dissolution process. Matthew utilizes all resources available, collaborating with all members of the Freed Marcroft team, as well as outside professionals like financial planners and family counselors to help our clients achieve their goals and priorities for themselves and their families.   Prior to joining Freed Marcroft, Matthew was in private practice in Fairfield County, applying his passion for helping people with his natural drive for teamwork. There, as at Freed Marcroft, he helped his clients resolve legal issues and disputes in a way that enabled them to find and maintain peace and balance within their communities and families.   When not in the office, Matthew spends much of his time with his parents, brothers, and niece.  When he isn’t working for our clients or trying to keep up with his niece, Matthew enjoys spending time on the golf course, which has taught him that it may be time to team up with a swing coach.