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Laura Manasewich

Laura Manasewich, Marketing Assistant

Laura touched Icelandic geyser water to see if it was as hot as it looked.

It was!

Laura loves Halloween costumes. Some of her best have been Chunk from The Goonies, a Double Dare contestant and Edward Scissorhands.

Prior to joining Freed Marcroft, Laura has spent her working years in insurance companies across the Greater Hartford area. She has worked in customer service, as an IT business analyst, and as a sales support specialist for annuities and life insurance. No matter the job, the importance has always been placed on providing a superior customer experience, and making and maintaining strong relationships. She is thrilled to be a part of the team at Freed Marcroft.

Laura is the Associate Artistic Director at the Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford, CT. She has been a member of Sea Tea Improv since 2010. In that time she has traveled the country performing and teaching improvised, stand up and sketch comedy, studying at institutions like the Upright Citizens Brigade, ImprovBoston,  Second City and Gotham Writers Workshop. At the theater, Laura produces a monthly stand up comedy showcase and a monthly improv mixer, a favorite community event. She is also co-producer of the Hartford Improv Festival, where teams from all over the US and Canada come together for a weekend of comedy made up on the spot.

Making people laugh is what Laura is all about. She’s the youngest child, she can’t help it. But she’s very funny, she promises.  It’s not all fun and games, improv is a great reinforcer of important skills like flexibility, living in the moment, listening, reacting honestly, and taking care of one another, all traits that make a great fit for the warm, caring, kind and respectful environment at Freed Marcroft.

Laura graduated magna cum laude from Western New England College, (now a university!) with a BA in Communication.

A lifelong Connecticut resident, Laura takes every opportunity she can find to travel. It’s a big world and she wants to see it all! Some of the coolest sights she’s seen have been the Northern Lights in Iceland, the Barbary apes in Gibraltar, the Pacific Ocean, and a buck having a snack in Yosemite National Park.