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Jenn Shukla

When you meet Jenn, you will be struck by her ability to create balance in a hectic and unpredictable world. Jenn hones this coveted skill in “real life”, as she is a compassionate and engaged mom, who inspires her three children to create powerful, exciting paths for themselves. She brings it to the table in her work at Freed Marcroft as she takes the time to understand her clients and their unique needs before charging forward for them – full steam - in the direction of their future.


Jenn once graduated from law school, got married, moved twice, traveled abroad, and started a new job – all in a 2-week period. One might say, “Jenn knows how to get stuff done.”

Jenn’s background in the Harvard Mediation Program and the Harvard Negotiation Project, when combined with her passion for helping individuals and families get the lives they deserve, propelled her career in the direction of Family Law. Jenn says, “I love helping my clients reach solutions on their own – using collaborative process and mediation. At the same time, if needed, I can fight hard and advocate; being a top litigator for them.” Jenn loves to employ the best strategy or approach for her clients – rather than forcing them to fit into a mold that wasn’t made for them.

With her personal and professional experience in Family Law, Jenn applies the skills, knowledge, and experience she’s accumulated over her career to go after what matters most for people. Finding herself at Freed Marcroft, Jenn appreciates the team’s ability to be nimble; serving clients in a more personal and customized way, and ensuring that her clients feel like real human beings, not just a legal matter. This is important to Jenn, especially because she has learned how the legal system simply DOESN’T work for some people, and is passionate about being a voice for folks who have lost theirs. She spends time making sure that big patterns and behavior traits are highlighted. That the full picture, the way people are being treated, and the needs of the family, are all fully-appreciated so that their lives, in the end, are ones of their own creation.

Jenn graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School (2006) after completing her undergrad work and graduating summa cum laude from The University of Connecticut (2003). At the age of 22, Jenn began mediating Family Law cases and is a long-time member of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Executive Committee for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and the Family Law Section. She was selected as a Connecticut Bar Association Presidential Fellow and the Chairperson of the CBA’s Legal Fee Dispute Resolution Program. She spent years as a “tough-as-nails” corporate litigator, practicing in CT, PA, and NJ, but her favorite cases were the ones where she got to help people meet their personal goals. She wants to make a difference for folks, and for her, family law offers the best of both worlds. She gets to “knock it out of the park” for her clients in court while also helping them navigate a challenging personal journey.

For Jenn, her three kids are – and always will be – her favorite part of her life. In her spare time, you can find Jenn clearing her mind while swimming laps, reading books (her go-to, time after time, is “Of Mice and Men” – J. Steinbeck), and giving back to her community by coordinating volunteer legal clinics at a local homeless shelter.



There is always a light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.


 — Amanda Gorman

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