Effective Communication With Your Legal Team & Scheduled Calls

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One of the most — if not the most — important keys to a successful working relationship between an attorney and a client is effective communication.  We have designed your client experience to incorporate all of the very best strategies we have learned to help foster and support excellent communication between us.  For example, one of the best ways we know to support high-quality, productive, and efficient communication between us is via scheduled calls.

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Why Effective Communication Is So Critical to Our Work Together

When we decided to work together, we made a series of commitments to each other.  When it comes to communication, for example, some of Freed Marcroft’s commitments to you are to keep you apprised of developments and to consult with you as necessary to ensure the timely, effective, and efficient completion of our work on your behalf.

For your part, you commit to being truthful and cooperative with us, and both to respond to our inquiries and communications and provide us with relevant information and materials promptly.

For example, over the course of our work together there will be:

  • information that we both we need from you and need to share with you,
  • advice that we need to give you, and
  • decisions that you need to make.

In other words, our attorney-client relationship is interdependent.  In order for you to live up to our commitments to us, you need us to live up to our commitments to you.  In order for us to live up to our commitments to you, we need you to live up to your commitments to us.

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Why We Schedule Calls

Now that you know more about why successful communication between you and your legal team is so critical to our ability to complete our work on your behalf, let’s talk about how scheduling calls in advance helps achieve it.

One of the things you notice early on when you began working with Freed Marcroft is that we don’t just schedule meetings with clients.  We also schedule phone calls, because both our clients and team have found that planning ahead to set aside time makes the best use of your time and resources.

Scheduling calls in advance ensures that we will both be available, prepared, and focused on the important issues in your case so that we can make the best use of time and resources.

What To Do If Something Urgent Arises

The unplanned and unexpected will happen.  Questions will arise.  Things will change and there will be new information that you’ll want to share.  As Attorney Meghan Freed shared in her video “How To Make the Most of Your Legal Investment,” try to consolidate things into one communication and start with your paralegal.  As a reminder, your paralegal is the “air traffic controller” of your case.

Your paralegal will either:

  • answer your question
  • find out the answer and get back to you, or
  • schedule you for a call with the Freed Marcroft team member best suited to answer

When a sudden question or issue arises, start by reaching out to your paralegal.  In addition to getting your issue addressed or your question answered effectively, this approach is also an efficient use of your legal fee investment.

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Next Steps

If you have any questions at all, please let us know.  It would be our pleasure to get you answers.

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