Connecticut Family Court Update

blue border with "CT Family Court Update" written in black with the gold freed marcroft llc divorce and family law logo in the lower right hand We want to go ahead and answer the very most important question when it comes to the Connecticut Family Courts:

“Are they open?”

YES.  The Connecticut Family Courts are open and hearing cases.

Here’s everything else you need to know about how the CT family courts are operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are CT Family Court Hearings In-Person?

In-person court hearings are taking place in Connecticut, but they are very limited to the types of matters the court considers emergencies.

They include:

  • Restraining Orders (Relief from Abuse and Civil Protection Orders)
  • Ex Parte Motions
  • Emergency Ex Parte Orders of Temporary Child Custody

Yes, for emergency child custody, domestic violence cases, restraining orders, and other emergency family issues.

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What are the COVID-19 Rules for In-Person Family Court?

Anyone physically entering a courthouse must wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth.  In addition, social distancing is required and the number of people in the lobby, hallway, and courtroom at the same time is limited.  Sometimes that means that you will wait outside the courthouse until court staff calls you inside the building.

Are Other Types of CT Family Court Hearings Virtual?

Yes.  The courts are now scheduling virtual pretrials and hearings on divorce and family law matters.

In addition, final agreements on post-judgment matters (after divorce) and uncontested divorces may be approved without an in-person hearing.

What are the COVID-19 Rules for In-Person Family Court?

The CT judicial branch has put together a Guide to Remote Hearings to answer both technical questions and etiquette questions.

Next Steps

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