Wellness & Divorce

Positivity and Divorce: 4 Ways to Create a Positive Future Starting Now

Positivity and divorce — it’s not only possible but it’s within your control. As we step boldly into 2020, refreshed by the new beginnings and possibilities ahead, we challenge …

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Picture of Caesar with the words "divorce tips from caesar"

Divorce Tips From Caesar in Honor of the Shortest Day of the Year

We made it.  Today may be the winter solstice, but tomorrow we turn the corner and begin the annual progressive march into light. We humans are so attached to light …

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Daphne the king charles cavalier Freed Marcroft lawyer dog on a chair in the Hartford office

Build Breaks For Yourself Into the Holiday Season, But Don’t Do It Like Daphne Did

Yesterday was an exciting day here at the Hartford office. Laura, our intrepid Jill-of-All-Trades Coordinator, had a hankering for a breakfast treat and decided …

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Tips to Survive (and Even Enjoy!) Thanksgiving During Divorce

Thanksgiving is almost here. Even in the calmest of times, there’s so much that goes into the holiday besides just the turkey on the table. When you’re going through …

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late fall trees

Depression After Divorce: The Science Behind It

Divorce represents an opportunity to move forward into a new chapter in life. However, some deal with an initial bout of depression in the immediate aftermath of divorce.

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Out the plane window

Happily Ever After, After

Before we founded Freed Marcroft, I used to travel for a living. Right now I am alone on a plane for the first time in a long time.  Both avid travelers …

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White out

You Sent an Email You Definitely Should Not Have Sent to Your Ex. Now What?

The invention of email has truly made it easier for us to communicate, but as many a politician can attest, it can also make life very complicated. Most of us have had …

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Social media logos

Social Media Etiquette for the Newly Separated or Divorced

As with so many other aspects of modern life, the emergence of social media has had a huge impact on relationships—more specifically, the end of relationships.

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5 Podcasts to Reboot Your Confidence After a Divorce

For people going through a divorce, or who have recently been through one, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future. Divorce can signify a fresh new start filled with possibility.

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Young businesswoman using digital tablet

Getting Back On Your Feet: 4 Tips on How to Go Back to School After a Divorce

Once you get past the initial hurdles of divorce, you have a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start. That can mean different things for different people—whether it’s new relationships …

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