Connecticut Divorce Attorney Meghan Freed discussing alimony in Connecticut divorces

Review Counsel in Connecticut Divorce Mediation

When you and your spouse consider mediation for your divorce, you may hear the term “review counsel” and wonder what review counsel is and does in a Connecticut divorce mediation.

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Alternative Ways to Divorce in Connecticut: Litigation, Mediation, and Collaborative Divorce

After you decide that a divorce is the best decision for you, the next question is often about the available ways to divorce in Connecticut.

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Understanding the Role of Review Counsel in Mediation

When two spouses handle a family law dispute through mediation, the case is settled under their control. Unlike a judge, who might make decisions for the parties, a mediator is there to act as a neutral guide. What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you choose mediation for your divorce or other family law case,…

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What are the Big Differences Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

Here in Connecticut, there are several options for divorcing couples who wish to avoid the high cost and stress of high conflict litigation. Two of the most popular alternatives …

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Why Mediate Your Divorce?: 6 Key Benefits

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process, but contrary to what television would have you believe, it doesn’t have to be contentious. While litigation is necessary …

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Collaboration or Mediation?

Divorce is a major life change for you and your children, but it doesn’t have to be conflict-laden or emotionally devastating. Although most people think that divorce …

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Christmas, Divorce, Mediation, and Gratitude: Lessons From A Former Client

As is often the case, Joan and Rob weren’t on exactly the same page when they came to us.  (By the way, names have been changed to protect the privacy of the wonderful.)

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Grace and Frankie, Silver Divorce, and (Special Guest and Pop Culture Wiz) Meghan’s Mom

It’s summer, and, of course, we should all be outside. But just in case you want to beat the heat by spending a blissful afternoon bingewatching Netflix, consider Grace and Frankie.

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Telling the Children About Divorce, and How Collaboration and Mediation May Help

One of the hardest conversations we have with divorcing parents surrounds their fears about telling the children that a marriage is over. As their lawyers, the very best advice …

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Connecticut Mediated and Collaborative Divorces Gain Benefit Under New Law

Quite a bit of attention has been paid to the new law effective October 1, more formally known as Public Act No. 15-7, allowing faster and less expensive divorces …

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