Mediation, Collaboration, or Litigation?

Alternative Ways to Divorce in Connecticut: Litigation, Mediation, and Collaborative Divorce

After you decide that a divorce is the best decision for you, the next question is often about the available ways to divorce in Connecticut.

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What are the Big Differences Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

Here in Connecticut, there are several options for divorcing couples who wish to avoid the high cost and stress of high conflict litigation. Two of the most popular alternatives …

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Collaboration or Mediation?

Divorce is a major life change for you and your children, but it doesn’t have to be conflict-laden or emotionally devastating. Although most people think that divorce …

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Telling the Children About Divorce, and How Collaboration and Mediation May Help

One of the hardest conversations we have with divorcing parents surrounds their fears about telling the children that a marriage is over. As their lawyers, the very best advice …

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How is Divorce Mediation Different from Traditional Divorce Litigation?

The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods …

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