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Caroline Patenaude, Attorney

Caroline Patenaude

Let’s start at the beginning: Family.

Caroline is one of six siblings. She has two older sisters, a twin brother, a stepsister, and a younger half-brother. Her passion for Family Law is rooted in her unique perspective on family dynamics. To say it lightly, Caroline has learned through personal experience that being trustworthy, reliable, and consistent are all-important in family life. When changes and challenges arise (oftentimes abruptly), the strength of a family is tested, and the best solution truly depends on the individuals. Everyone’s needs vary, and Caroline’s role in her own family’s evolution tells her that people CAN do hard things, and come out better because of it.


Caroline’s first (and last) time skydiving was with her 80-year-old grandmother.
Her grandmother continued on for subsequent jumps, and Caroline happily hones the adrenaline rush from the safety of the solid ground.

She wants every client to feel heard and understood, and she loves to help them make sense out of uncertainty so that the path ahead opens up clearly. Caroline chose to join the team at Freed Marcroft so that she can bring strength to clients in their time of need.

Caroline graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law, where she also earned her 40-hour Mediation Training Certificate. She went on to complete her G.A.L (Guardian Ad Litem) Training Certification thereafter, to elevate her ability to serve her clients and her community.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys meeting with the book club that she recently co-founded, testing new recipes in the kitchen, and honing her Setback skills with her friends and family.


Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

– Teddy Roosevelt

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