What’s the Connecticut Divorce Parenting Class Requirement?

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Many people involved in a divorce, separation, or custody matter wonder whether Connecticut has a divorce parenting class requirement.

The short answer is yes, Connecticut requires parents to take a parenting education class.

Read on to learn more.

Connecticut Parenting Education Program

Under Section 46b-69b, Connecticut requires all parents of minor children to participate in Connecticut’s Parenting Education Program unless the :

  1. parties agree, subject to the approval of the court, not to participate in such program,
  2. court, on motion, determines that participation is not deemed necessary, or
  3. parties select and participate in a comparable parenting education program.

As a practical matter, the vast majority of parents participate in the Parenting Education Program.  One exception, for example, is parents in a collaborative divorce who worked with a mental health professional on their co-parenting skills, etc.

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How Do Divorce Parenting Classes Work?

Generally speaking, the purpose of the program is to educate parents about the many issues their child or children face when their family situation changes.

The parenting education program takes six hours.  Some providers offer it in two 3-hour classes. On the other hand, other providers offer it in three two-hour classes.

The state has a list of approved providers available here.

Can I complete the Required Divorce Parenting Education Classes Online?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Connecticut Judicial Branch announced that parenting education classes would be offered virtually until further notice.  Therefore, as of the date of this article, it was possible to complete the Parenting Education Program online.

However, prior to the current pandemic, Connecticut required each parent to attend in person.

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