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Talking The NFL Draft, Defense, and a Boring Super Bowl

The NFL draft is tonight, something we'd normally be little concerned with but for this: it's expected that this is going to be a big year for drafting defensive players early. Very early. And often. And, we're all about defense. Let's step back for a moment. A little over two months ago the Patriots won a Super Bowl that was not exactly readily accepted into the pantheon of greatest sports events. Why? Because Read More

Happy 2019 . . . Now About Alimony

Meghan was on WTIC radio to talk about this: The new tax code that takes effect this year changes the way alimony is treated for tax purposes. As you can see from the flow chart (left) released by the IRS, alimony will . . . . . . okay, that's the quadratic equation from Algebra II days past. The IRS hasn't released a flow chart, there's not much need for them to do so, the change is, on surface, simple: the Read More

War Games and Winning the Holidays

The holidays are here. Sometimes they seem to sneak up on you, sometimes they don’t so much sneak as lunge. Like this year. We recently responded to a media request for some thoughts about divorce and the holidays. The question was actually unambiguous: “what do you tell parents who are in the process of or are already divorced and ‘can't stand each other' about how to handle the holidays?” We mulled that over Read More

Tough Conversations and The Blind Side

A few weeks ago I did a Webinar with a special guest, Dr. Dori Gatter, from our Hartford offices. It was about the ‘tough conversations’ in life. Sometimes in life the talk you're most afraid of is the one you most need to have. It was a great talk for me, it hit home, as it always does, because the lawyers at Freed Marcroft not only have to encourage our clients to engage in tough conversations with their Read More

Big, Decision to Divorce. Big, Empowered Life.

I made a very exciting but scary decision. And you should too. About one year ago, I made a really exciting, but pretty scary decision to change my employment. Granted, I was leaving my work as a family lawyer at a general practice firm to begin work here at Freed Marcroft, also a family law firm, so it wasn’t an entirely new career, but a pretty big change, nonetheless.   I was comfortable with my Read More

It’s Hurricane Season, Let’s Talk about ‘Staying’

I ran across an article last week when Hurricane Florence was bearing down on the Carolinas about hurricanes and ‘evacuations.’ The title was somewhat provocative, which is probably what caught my eye: Why Some People Never Evacuate During a Hurricane, According to a Psychologist   It led with a quote by a Rutgers psychology professor, Cara Cuite, “There’s a certain population that’s never going to Read More

From Tolstoy to Nina Simone

A Few Thoughts About the Freed Marcroft Process I just came back from three days of intensive business seminars exploring ways for us to run Freed Marcroft as efficiently and client-friendly as possible. The theme for the long weekend was . . .  freedom. At 9:13 on a blistering hot Saturday morning in Orlando, I started thinking about freedom and our clients and how we move through the family law process Read More

Social Media & Family Law

First, enjoy this short, award winning 1950's style PSA video. Clever, funny, and also right on the nose - things do have a way of spiraling out of control across the social media spectrum. We bring this up to illustrate in the most fun way we can think of while still grabbing your attention, that when it comes to being involved in a family law matter - any family law matter - Read More

World Cup Wrap-up (with a family law bent)

A Twitter friend of ours, Francesca, sent the Tweet to the left after Ronaldo and Portugal exited the World Cup a week or so ago virtually simultaneously with Messi’s Argentina. For those who don’t follow ‘football’ Messi and Ronaldo are just about the consensus two best players in the world, have been for over a decade. We were originally going to write a quick Facebook post about this, then decided, about two Read More

Photographs and Family Law

Here’s something that occurred to us as the graduation season wrapped up and the wedding season took over. You’ve all seen photos like the one above. A player is missing for a championship team's photo shoot, so they add the time-honored circular photo insert. It’s been done since photography was invented, it’s just a lot easier now with Photoshop and smart phones. It doesn’t have to be a team picture, you see Read More