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State Probe of Doc Hurley Foundation Sad Reminder of Need for Responsible Non-Profit Management

In the 1970s, Hartford sports legend Walter “Doc” Hurley “began raising money for the Doc Hurley Scholarship Fund to give needy students some modest help paying for college.”

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Parking at Hartford’s Courthouses is About to Be More Convenient

It’s rare to read positive press about parking in Hartford, but today there is some. According to the Hartford Business Journal, Mayor Pedro Segarra …

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Amazon Will Collect Connecticut Sales Tax Beginning Friday, November 1

Back in February, Connecticut reached a deal with Amazon addressing a long-standing dispute about online collection of state sales tax. Connecticut taxpayers were always …

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US FDA Proposes New Rules to Address Pet Deaths

The Food and Drug Administration has stepped in with new proposed rules amid an ongoing investigation following a rash of pet deaths. According to estimates, more than …

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California Light: The Connecticut Cooperative Post-Adoption Agreement

Can a child have three parents?  In California she sure can. This week the New York Times published an article about a California bill just signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. …

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On the (Maybe) Eve of the Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision: Love and Marriage and Prenups

I (Meghan) find myself, on what could be the eve of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Windsor (the case which will likely determine the constitutionality …

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March Madness: The Same Sex Marriage Edition

One of the things I miss about working in a large law firm is a robust and festive March Madness pool.  (Remembering that the last time I was in a large Connecticut firm, …

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Love and Taxes

As followers of Freed Marcroft’s Facebook page are well aware, this week the United States Supreme Court is set to hear arguments of two landmark cases impacting the rights …

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Love and Marriage

Although we spend a significant amount of our practice devoted to helping clients end their marriages as civilly, healthfully, and respectfully…

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Boardwalk Empire, an Alien in a Human Suit, and Federal Divorce

Kristen and I have been watching Boardwalk Empire.  Mainlining it, actually.  Last night we tucked in to Season 2, Episode 10, “Georgia…

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